Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

Want your machines to out-perform?

Does your project need quality hydraulic cylinders manufactured? Your machines can only work efficiently when they are fitted with quality hydraulic cylinders.

We manufacture a full range of hydraulic cylinders for every conceivable application, from materials such as carbon steels, aluminium alloys, stainless steel and plastics, including:

Example cylinders

versatile cylinder

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder - heavy duty

material handling

Material Handling Cylinder – operating up to 276 Bar (4000 PSI)

earth moving

Earthmoving Cylinder – operating up to 414 Bar (6000 PSI)

high pressure

Portable High Force/Pressure Cylinder – operating up to 690 Bar (10000 PSI)

The manufacturing process

manufacturing design
1. Design and Tooling

Engineers discuss and review your requirements to design a custom solution. May include prototyping.

2. Machining and Welding

Trade-certified and trained machinists, welders, and fitters manufacture your hydraulic cylinder..

heavy duty custom hydraulic cylinder
3. Assembly and Testing

Additional components such as valving, tubing, and fittings can be installed, then pressure tested and inspected as a completed unit.

4. Surface Protection

A wide range of coatings are available and any colour can be applied. A specific standard or other types of protective coatings, such as epoxies, are available on request.

5. Packing and Transport

Our packaging service includes custom-built crates, boxing and framing, made from materials such as wood or steel, for protection in transport and storage.

A1 Hydraulic Engineering operates with an ISO 9001 quality management system.

At A1 Hydraulic Engineering, we understand the importance of a superior cylinder. We believe that quality and safety have no substitutes. As a company in the front-line of cylinder manufacturing, we can be your solution.

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