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Ground-Breaking Power Source For Hydraulic Cylinders

Big changes are happening in the earthmoving industry. 

This isn’t just a shift in fuel preferences; it’s a new way to make equipment cleaner and more sustainable, significantly altering how we power our heavy machinery.

Major brands are already taking the lead, experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen-electric systems to bring about a greener era.

To top it off, a brilliant team in the University Of NSW have patented a Hydrogen-Diesel Direct Injection Duel-Fuel System. This can make existing diesel engines use 90% hydrogen and have an 85% CO2 emission reduction!

But here’s the twist – it’s not just about flashy new designs.

A few industry giants are also revamping existing diesel-powered machines into hydrogen-electric powerhouses, trying out hydrogen-power on equipment.

So Why All The Fuss?

Unlike the traditional diesel and natural gas options, hydrogen is gaining popularity as a cleaner alternative.

While electric machinery has been around, it’s not always the perfect fit for every job.

Hydrogen steps in as a versatile option, delivering no emissions while maintaining the power, torque, and response time we’re used to with regular combustion engines.

Here’s the amazing part – you don’t necessarily need an entirely new fleet to jump on the hydrogen bandwagon.

Heavy machinery vehicles are being converted from diesel power to hydrogen-electric, showing that owners and managers can make a sustainable upgrade without a hefty price tag of an entire new fleet.

And with the hydrogen market on the rise, earthmoving companies will have more options, from getting new equipment to tapping into the expanding hydrogen infrastructure.

It’s not just about adopting a new method; it’s about reshaping how we look at progress in the heavy machinery industry.

However, Here's What You Should Know

All these machines will still need to be serviced and maintained, including their hydraulic cylinders.

Keeping your earthmoving machine’s hydraulic cylinders in top condition is vital to get the best efficiency and uptime.

If your machine’s hydraulic cylinders are leaking, loosing power, or damaged, then don’t leave it any longer.

For all your hydraulic cylinder enquiries and servicing call us on 07 3800 8721 and a friendly team member will help you get the best solution.

Written by The A1HE Team

Date: 4.12.2023